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PE and School Sport


At St. Paul’s the physical and psychological well-being of each child is important, whatever their ability. We aim to equip every child with the correct resources for them to reach their full potential in PE and School Sport.


We place a huge emphasis on developing skills across a wide range of sports and physical activities and provide the relevant guidance to advancing these both in and outside of school via local clubs.


At St. Paul's we cover sports such as invasion games, outdoor adventurous activities, athletics, striking and fielding, net/wall games, gymnastics and dance across the curriculum. We also offer opportunities for children to try other sports such as martial arts, Muay Thai kick-boxing and more unique games like ultimate frisbee and Danish longball. These are covered as part of the curriculum or offered as after-school clubs throughout the year which are all free.

St. Paul's works as part of the Irwell Education Improvement Partnership (EIP) to offer at least 6 inter-school sports competitions each year within our cluster. These competitions follow the Salford Sports Partnership (SSP) Calender, which we pay into as a Bronze member. Our cluster also hosts some of our own competitions like benchball and cross country. As a result of following the SSP calender we have the opportunity to attend Salford wide finals. This year St. Paul's has participated in the Salford Year 3 and 4 Tennis Finals.

School has recently purchased a mini-bus to enable a higher attendance of inter-school sports competitions both locally and Salford wide. 

PE and School Sport is rewarded weekly with certificates from our PE Lead Mr. Belston and each term there is one child picked as Sport's Personality of the Term. This shows children that hard work and a good attitude in PE is rewarded the same as it is in other classroom subjects and encourages them to try their best in all lessons.

School subscribes to the Salford swimming scheme and pays for 1 year group each year to go swimming once a week. This ensures that all children are able to swim one length before their swimming lessons end. School also provides PE kits for all pupils so no child misses out on PE lessons.

Each year St. Paul's offers Year 5 the opportunity to attend a residential trip at Lledr Hall and participate in ourdoor pursuits such as canoeing, gorge walking and rock climbing.

Our PE Lead Mr. Belston is employed to deliver PE with the majority of the school and provide planning and training for all staff to deliver PE to a high standard. After-school clubs run weekly for all children to attend and change every half-term to cover a wide range of sports throughout the year.

St. Paul's applies yearly for the School Games Kitemark. We achieved Bronze in 2014-2015, Silver in 2015-2016 and achieved Silver again in 2016-2017.


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