‘We work, We play, We care, We pray’

Good Mental Health

It is important that everyone looks after their mental health and well-being. There are many things you can do every day to improve and maintain your mental health.

Every day we try to eat healthily, take exercise and brush our teeth, all to keep ourselves physically healthy. Well, doing something every day to keep your mind healthy is just as important.

Watch this video to find out what good and poor mental health is and what you can do about it.

Children's Mental Health Week - 7th - 13th February 2022

The children have been very busy completing a variety of activities for Mental Health Week.  They have all participated in a variety of sessions, ranging from Peer Massage to Beauty Salons!  They have also talked about Mental Health during whole school assemblies and they have helped to create a fabulous display in the school hall all about Children's Mental Health.  Please see Class Dojo for photographs of the variety of activities that all children took part in.

Sunday 20th March 2022 - International Day of Happiness

During Monday's assembly the children will be learning about the International Day of Happiness and talking about things that make us happy.  We will also be discussing how important it is to prioritise our happiness and to find ways to bring happiness into our days.  Each child is going to complete some work on this, to really focus on ways to make ourselves happy and we are hoping to share these ideas around the school.

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