‘We work, We play, We care, We pray’

School Clubs

Afterschool Sports Clubs


Tennis and Cricket Club Year Year 5 & 6



Tennis and Cricket Club Year 3 & 4


All clubs finish at 4.25pm


Thursday Lunchtime - 12.30pm - 1.00pm

Eco Council

The Eco Council is made up of representatives from Years 5 & 6.  They meet every Thursday lunchtime and work on half-termly targets to make the school a more eco-friendly environment.  They are also trying to work their way towards the Green Flag Award for Eco-Friendly Schools.  So far the Eco Council have implemented paper recylcing bins in every classroom, they have led an assembly all about Fairtrade and to introduce themselves to the school, they have started an Eco Council Suggestion Box and they will be helping to run a Fairtrade coffee and cake sale in school at the end of the term.  They also started their club by completing a very detailed questionnaire to identify the areas that we need to develop most in order to make our school more eco friendly.

Friday Lunchtime - 12.30pm - 1.00pm

Art Club

Coming Soon!

Miss Bovingdon is keen to start her Art Club after the Easter holidays and is currently gathering members with the help of some Year 6 children.  She will share information shortly about how to join the club.  We are really looking forward to seeing what they create!





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